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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Why you Should Choose the Ultimate Matt finish

Why you Should Choose the Ultimate Matt finish

Are you planning on refurbishing your room or have a customer looking to freshen up their floor? When it comes to choosing the finish of the flooring, it is always important to choose something that will match the overall theme of the room.

In the flooring industry, trends often appear for what the modern home should like. As you know, the first thing that is seen is the floor!

Matt finishing on wooden floors is becoming increasingly popular in homes. If you want a country-style room, it works well on wide plank floors with the surrounding look that has a rustic style. The term rustic is used with a broad outline and could have many meanings for the way the interior is set out and looks, but generally it gives an aged but warm look.

Matt finishing can provide a rough look, but with natural beauty and an eco-friendly charm. But let’s not get too involved with the term and definition of the rustic look! This is just to give you an idea of where the matt finished wooden floor would thrive in terms of style and look.

Although the finish is so versatile, it can be used in many different features and homes. An additional benefit is that a matt finish works well to hide the imperfections in the woods, such as scuffs, dents or scratches, which makes it ideal for parents and pet owners.

Matt finishing gives a flat, natural, untouched look. In comparison, the gloss finish looks shiny where it almost looks like a plastic machine-made coating on the top of the floor bouncing and shining the light back at you.

Where the Matt finishes has a very little to no sheen level in it, the term “sheen level” refers to the reflective properties in the coat. A matt finish has no shine as it absorbs the light instead of reflecting off. It gives you more of a sheen than a shine.

If you are the contractor looking to finish a customer’s floor, you need to think of what it is that the customer is looking for in a wooden floor. Matt finishes can give the area a sophisticated, modern look that is durable but slick. Matt finishes are currently in vogue for modern-looking floors, giving your home a modern, trendy appearance.



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