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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Boosting Wood Floor Life with Bona Primers and Lacquers

Boosting Wood Floor Life with Bona Primers and Lacquers

Ever stood on a Bona Primers and Lacquers-treated wood floor, admiring its rich glow while wondering what makes it so enduringly beautiful? Or you've watched the sun play upon the smooth surface of your living room parquet, reflecting off an impeccable finish that withstands everything life throws at it. That's not just by chance; there's a science behind that charm.

The secret lies in two magic words: Bona Primers & Lacquers. Like trusted companions for your wooden floors, these products give them durability and aesthetic appeal. But how do they work their wonders?

In this post, we'll journey into the heart of wood flooring care - from understanding primers' pivotal role in preserving natural looks to appreciating lacquers' ability to provide ultimate protection even in high-traffic areas.

Table of Contents:

Exploring Bona Primers and Lacquers

Bona is a renowned name in the world of wood flooring. Their range includes high-quality products such as Bona Traffic HD, Bona Classic Primer, and Bona Mega. They craft each product to cater for different types of floors, from engineered wood to solid timber.

Understanding the Role of Primers

A good primer is an undercoat that binds well with your floor while ensuring paint adhesion. The Bona Classic Primer, for instance, not only enhances durability but also preserves the natural look of your wood floor.

The beauty of these primers? They come in various quantities, ranging from 200ml up to 5 litres - talk about options.

The Impact of Lacquers on Wood Flooring

Lacquer plays a significant role in offering protection whilst providing a stunning finish. A great example is Bona's waterborne lacquer - the much-lauded Bona Mega.

This easy roller application product offers superior performance even in high-traffic areas, making it perfect for domestic and commercial use. Remember: two coats are usually sufficient, covering around 10m² per litre. However, do note drying times can vary between one hour and thirty minutes to twenty-four hours, depending on conditions and the type of lacquer used.

Remember: Choosing quality over convenience will always pay off when caring for wooden floors – so why not give Bona products a go?

Applying and Using Bona Products

The art of using Bona Primers and Lacquers is much like baking a cake. Just as the perfect Victoria sponge requires precise ingredients, careful mixing, and correct oven timings, so too does achieving a beautiful wood floor finish with Bona.

Extending Open Time with Retarder

To start, let's talk about how you can make your job easier by extending the open time during the application process. Consider this: it's like allowing your batter to rest before popping it in the oven for an even rise.

A product that comes into play here is the Bona Retarder. This magic ingredient lets you extend your lacquer's open time just enough to ensure smooth roller application without any rushed panic. Think of it as giving yourself extra breathing room when icing your cake.

Bear in mind, though, that different products require varied drying times, ranging from 1 hour 30 minutes to an entire day. Most lacquers need 2-3 coats covering around 10m² per litre. So yes - precision matters quite significantly.

This single-component convenience means no more worrying about complicated mixtures or proportions – because we know how frustrating that can be. It's equivalent to having a ready-mix cake batter for those spontaneous tea-time cravings.

Making Use of Application Tools

If our comparison continues, then brushes and rollers are akin to whisks and spatulas needed for perfect cake-making. Just like how different utensils give distinct textures and finishes, your choice of application tools can greatly impact the final look of your wood floor.

In essence, using Bona products is a scientific and fun art – just like baking.

Comparing Different Types of Flooring with Bona Products

Whether it's solid wood, engineered wood, or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), each flooring type has unique characteristics. Luckily, Bona Primers and Lacquers are versatile enough to enhance them all.

Solid hardwood floors have a natural beauty that deserves protection. The Bona Classic Primer does just this while preserving its original look. When topped with the durable finish from Bona Traffic HD lacquer, your floor will be ready for anything.

Using Bona Products on Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tiles offer an attractive alternative to traditional hardwoods but can lack longevity without proper care. Enter Bona products. Applying a protective layer using these industry-leading solutions adds years to your LVT flooring's lifespan.

The durability is not just limited to LVT or solid woods, though. Engineered wood and laminate floors also benefit greatly from these primers and lacquers—giving you more bang for your buck when choosing flooring options.

The Versatility of Parquet Flooring with Bona Products

If parquet flooring is more your style, then don't fret; we've got you covered, too. This popular choice gets an upgrade in appearance and endurance when treated correctly with our selection of quality Bona primers & lacquers.

FAQs in Relation to Bona Primers and Lacquers

What does Bona primer do?

Bona primer gives wood floors a solid base, enhancing durability while preserving their natural look.

How long does Bona primer take to dry?

The drying time for Bona primers can range from 1 hour 30 minutes up to 24 hours, depending on the product.

Does Bona Traffic need a primer?

Absolutely. Applying a primer before Bona Traffic ensures better adhesion and an improved overall finish.

What is Bona coating?

Bona coatings are high-quality lacquers that provide protection and a superior finish to your wooden flooring.


So, we've taken a good look into the world of Bona Primers and Lacquers, unlocking their essential part in preserving the natural beauty of your wood floors. They are more than just products; they're protectors, adding longevity to your flooring.

You now know how these primers enhance durability while lacquers provide a high-quality finish that can stand up to even heavy foot traffic. It's all about using them correctly for maximum benefit.

The journey doesn't end here, though. With Bona Products' versatility, you have a wealth of options for enhancing different flooring types, from solid wood to luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).

Embrace this knowledge! Apply it practically in your home or workspace. After all, beautiful and durable floors aren't an accident but a result of quality care with Bona Primers and Lacquers.

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