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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Pallmann Spider sander, Training with Ultimate Floor Care

The Pallmann Spider floor finishing machine

Let's introduce you to the Pallmann Spider floor sanding machine. It was built and designed to revolutionise floor sanding, a machine that can function as a rotary, planetary, and random orbital machine. It has variable speed, the ability to take additional weights, and three Velcro pad systems for the planetary heads that give a vast range of options to maximise its potential in any given situation. It is able to sand very close to skirting boards cutting down the edging required, and it comes with a dust skirt and lighting system that makes it very dust efficient and the most straightforward machine to minimise the visible scratches that all planetary machines suffer from on floors. The Spider has a unique power management system that enables you to use it efficiently without risk to the motor. Its lighting system on the machine's body will let you know if the speed is too high, too low and if the machine is under too much pressure.


The Spider will require a dust extractor and pre-separator; the dust extractor will need to be either M class or H class due to the carcinogenic dust created from floor sanding. Using these class machines in conjunction with the Wolff pre-separator has proven to be very effective in dealing with the high volume of fine dust generated by these machines. We recommend the Gecko Flex edger to go with this machine as it uses the same abrasive discs as the Spider, and as stated, there is less edging to do.


The Spider excels at sanding any quality floor, hardwood, parquet, engineered etc. it will be quicker to sand with a Spider than a traditional belt machine over the course of the whole job. It can also be used as a buffer to oil floors and, of course, a de nibbing machine for inter-coat abrasion. If your core business is pine floorboards or very uneven floors in poor condition, you may wish to consider a belt sander.


So now, let's talk about the benefits of buying this machine from Ultimate Floor Care.


Our Range of Spares. Throughout its life, parts may need to be replaced on this machine. Luckily Ultimate floor care is the UK's Largest stockist of Pallmann parts for the Spider, from the Chain that fits the triple plate to the trigger clip that fits in the handle. With our extensive range of parts and machine knowledge, we are here to help.


Demonstrations and Training. Interested in purchasing a Pallmann Spider? We offer the option of coming to our unit and trying before buying. On our 16ft long wood test floor (The biggest in the UK), we can offer you the opportunity to understand how this machine will work on a wood floor and bestow its benefits. As well as this, our team can help with information, or any assistance required.


QR coding on all our machines. Whether you bring your machine in for repair and service or purchase a brand-new machine from us, we equip all machines that leave our stores with a QR code. Why? With the QR coding system, you can scan the QR code while you are on-site if you are having any trouble or issues, and one of our trained engineers will be in touch to discuss any problems you have with the machine. We use the QR system to store all the sales data to determine how old the machine is and what parts are needed for that one. We reserve all the data for your business and the machine, so if it was lost or stolen, we could track down everything needed to make a claim.


We keep stock. With Pallmann being a German company, we as a distributor like to keep stock of all their machines right here in the UK. Especially the Spider. If interested, you can come to the unit and walk away with one today. So, who do you speak to about buying a Pallmann Spider? Cameron, our customer relations manager on 07510073699. Or on our website, please click here.


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