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Pure and Raw Finishes for Wooden floors

Pure and Raw Finishes for Wooden floors

When it comes to wooden floors, nothing beats the natural beauty they bring to any space. To protect and magnify the unique character of your wooden floors. Ultimate Floor Care takes pride in offering a range of exceptional products specifically designed to provide the so-called raw effect to wooden floors.
In this article, we will dive into the remarkable pure and raw finishes available from Ultimate Floor Care UK Ltd and how they can elevate the finish that is available for wooden floors.


Pure Wood Floor Finishes from Pallmann:

Ultimate Floor Care UK Ltd understands the desire for a finish that maintains the natural look of the wood while offering superior protection. That's where Pallmann pure wood floor finishes shine. They formulate these finishes to enhance the wood's grain and colour, providing a beautiful, transparent finish. Pure finishes allow the wood's unique characteristics to take centre stage, creating an elegant and organic ambience in your living space. Available in a lacquer option Pallmann Pall-X Pure used with Pallmann 330 pure primer, gives you the pure finish whilst keeping the protection of a topical coat. Pallmann Magic Oil Pure has recently come out in the market, offering the benefits of an oil finish with the Pure / Raw look.


Raw Wood Floor Finishes from Bona:

Raw wood floor finishes offer an ideal solution for those seeking an understated and authentic look. They design these finishes to preserve the raw, untreated appearance of the wood, celebrating its natural imperfections and unique texture. Raw finishes provide a subtle sheen that adds depth and sophistication to your wooden floors without compromising their raw and organic appeal. They are perfect for creating a rustic or contemporary aesthetic. We stock the Bona Traffic HD Raw that can help you bring your customers Raw ideas to like. Working in conjunction with Bona Primer Natural to enhance the untreated appearance of the wood.


Maintenance Products for Pure and Raw Finishes:

To keep wooden floors in pristine condition, Ultimate Floor Care provides a range of maintenance products specifically designed for pure and raw finishes. These products include cleaner from the Pallmann and Bona ranges. And maintenance products that keep the production levels high and bring it back to life in the future. Help preserve the natural look and integrity of the wood. By incorporating these maintenance products into your cleaning routine, you can lengthen the life of your pure or raw finishes and keep your wooden floors looking their best. For more details on the cleaning and maintenance of wooden floors, check out our blog here... "Wood Floor Care – Cleaning your wood floor!"

And our Cleaning and Maintenance section on the website here... ULTIMATE FLOOR CARE - CLEANING & MAINTENANCE 

Ultimate Floor Care UK Ltd offers a diverse range of pure and raw finishes that allow you to showcase the innate beauty of wooden floors. With their high-quality oil-based finishes, lacquer finishes, and dedicated maintenance products, you can achieve the ultimate care for your wooden floors while maintaining their natural charm. Trust Ultimate Floor Care UK Ltd to provide you with exceptional finishes that elevate what you can offer your clients space, creating an environment that is both inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Embrace the beauty of pure and raw finishes and let wooden floors be a true reflection of nature's elegance.

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