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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Pallmann Price comparison. Where do we stand on Price?

Pallmann Price comparison. Where do we stand on Price?

Ultimate Floor Care has been from the Beginning with Pallmann in their journey from Germany over to the UK Market; I always remember the story of a phone call my predecessor received on a Sunday morning from someone saying they sell Lacquer with the quality that can compete with other brands in the market. Of course, a slight laugh as this is something you hear all the time being a contractor. But after much discussion and product tests, it was apparent there was a top-quality product that was easy to use and long-lasting.  

Ultimate Floor Care was discovered and built-in line back in 2015 bringing this product to the UK market and to this day we continue to support it with our industry and product knowledge in this field.   

So where does Ultimate sit in the pricing from Pallmann? 


Pallmann Product 

List price ex vat 

Our price ex vat 

Percentage off List price 

Pall-X 98 




Pall-X 96 




Magic Oil Ergo 3ltr 




325 Primer 




Pall-X Pure 





Pall-X Filler 





These above are just a glimpse of the transparency of our pricing on our website. We sell at our price and don't offer a discount on the list price. But wait, do you want to be offered even better pricing? Our loyalty program offers you the chance to receive additional discounts on top of this. Find out more on our Rewards Page.

A saying comes to mind as I write this to give you our pricing. The strength and durability of a product is long remembered after the price is forgotten.  


If I choose Ultimate Floor Care as my preferred finishes supplier, What do they have to offer?  


Loyalty Program  

We have our Loyalty program in place for our customers to gain and build points through our system of ways to earn, from placing orders to leaving reviews. With these points you build up you have the chance to fall under our vip tiers where you have exclusive offers and product discounts. Better yet spend your loyalty points for free giveaways which we have aimed to help make your job easier on-site.. This system is closely monitored, and policing is in place for clients that don't stay Ultimate Clients are demoted or removed from our tiers.  


Product and job support  

When you become a client of Ultimate Floor Care, you will open up an avenue for product and machine support from our Ultimate Team. For our support and knowledge to be in line with the industry standards, we attend numerous training courses worldwide to offer you the best support we can. We, as a team, don't know it all, but we have a network of great contacts that we can approach for further information if required. It is a great feeling helping those in need but at the same time, it doesn't pay. To be as transparent as we are in our pricing, this type of support will not be available or offered to anyone other than Ultimate Clients.   


Growth and Training  

Have you ever had the feeling that you are stuck and just need that other little something to keep you busy? Or constantly getting asked for a service that you don't have the equipment or knowledge about? We have expanded our services to be able to offer you Training that spans an array of floor-covering opportunities as a client of ours we can invite and offer exclusive opportunities that may be the right avenues with you. We work closely with Our training Partners Floor skills that help us offer these training services. Maybe you are happy with your business or maybe you're struggling with the growth and operation of your business. We have our coaching plan that becomes available to you once you become a client. As you can imagine, not all these Plans are free. Want to know more?   


Machine Health checks and Repairs.   

On our team, we are very privileged to have a SIMON. Now Simon is our sanding machine engineer who would tell you the dimension of the bolt that's holding the tensioner arm to the top roller and what the pitch is of the thread! Although not everyone needs to know that type of information, this gives a clear indication that if you choose us as your supplier, this type of machine repair guidance is at your fingertip. Via video call or phone consultation at no extra cost. Every machine that comes in for a service or repair must have a floor test to become floor-worthy before it is released back into the world of wooden floors.   


Why are you telling you all this?  

Change is among us, and we, like other businesses, need to adapt and move with the way of the world. Otherwise, we will be left behind. So as we have been from the start we want to be open and transparent about the benefits of becoming and staying an Ultimate Floor Care client. We don't always get it right and can't right every wrong. But if you become a client of ours you become part of a team, we can guarantee that you will receive the above and the most honest service we can provide.   

Thank you for taking the time to Read. 


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