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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
How to read the date on your Pallmann and Bona wood floor finishes.

How to read the date on your Pallmann and Bona wood floor finishes.

Before applying a finish to your customer’s floor, it is key to check that the product is in date. Some of you may have some old cans of Lacquer kicking around you can’t remember when you purchased the can for the life of you. And don’t have an idea on how to find out the date of the product. I will explain in this blog how to read the date on specifically Bona and Pallmann products and go through the reasoning behind using products within their shelf life.


How to read the date on Pallmann Finishes:

The way to read the date on the finishes supplied by Pallmann on lacquers, primers, oils, and maintenance products is by their batch number. If you look at the example below in the photo, the batch number is 30441129. The first three are the numbers you will need to focus on for reading the date. The first number represents the year, and the second and third represent the manufacturing month. So, from the product in the example below, this was manufactured In May 2023; the other numbers on this batch code are not necessary to you as the contractor. Pallmann uses these for identifying, grouping batches, and location control.  

 Pallmann date labels Ultimate Floor Care


How to read the date on Bona Finishes:

The way to read the date on the finishes supplied by Bona is the production batch number, usually found on the back of the tub above the barcode. See the example below. The numbers you want to focus on in this code are the first four digits. The first and the second digits represent the year, and the third and fourth represent the week it was manufactured. From the example below, production batch code: 23080172 would read in February 2023. The other digits on the production batch number are what Bona uses for batching and location.

Date on Bona products Ultimate Floor Care UK


The shelf life refers to when the floor finish can be stored and remain in good condition. It considers factors such as product quality, effectiveness, and safety. Understanding and adhering to their designated shelf life is essential for optimal results for wood floor finishes. They design wood finishes to provide protection and enhance the appearance of your floors. Using a product within its shelf life ensures it maintains its desired properties and delivers the best results.

Over time, the composition of wood floor finishes can change, potentially leading to safety hazards such as flammability or the release of harmful fumes. Floor finishes are often applied in layers or used alongside other products. Using an expired finish can affect the compatibility and performance of subsequent coats or maintenance products.

Understanding the shelf life of wood floor finishes is crucial for maintaining the quality and effectiveness of your flooring projects. You can ensure optimal performance and compatibility by following the recommended one-year shelf life. Remember to follow proper storage practices and dispose of expired products responsibly. At Ultimate Floor Care, we prioritize the longevity and beauty of your wood floors, and we hope this blog post has given you valuable insights into the importance of shelf life in wood floor finishes and how to read the dates on the Pallmann and Bona Finishes. 

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