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Ceramic Abrasives – Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Disc

Ceramic Abrasives – Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Disc

I’m sure you’ve all got to a job and the floor you need to sand has a hard lacquer down… you just know the removal of that isn’t going to be easy. Now most you will reach for your ceramic abrasives, the ones which have a type of abrasive material that is made from high-quality ceramic grain. Rather than other types of abrasive materials, such as aluminium oxide or silicon carbide.

The Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Disc is on another level… this amazing abrasive is made up of ceramic and aluminium oxide grit materials. By making them extremely aggressive it offers an outstanding productivity.

This product has been made using the latest technology… which makes it reliable, durable, and last longer. In this blog, we will talk about what makes the Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Disc stand out from its competitors and why it is a popular choice among flooring professionals.

First, we will start with the benefits.

Bona 8600 Green ceramic disc offers several benefits: 

  1. High durability: As they are extremely hard and durable, it makes them ideal for use in applications where long use and high pressure are required.
  2. Fast cutting speed: They have a high cutting speed, which means that they can remove material efficiently and quickly.
  3. It has a consistent performance: The specific structure of ceramic abrasives ensures that they can keep a consistent level of performance… unlike other abrasives that can become dull or worn.
  4. Cool temp grinding: By producing less heat during grinding, this abrasive material it can help prevent damage to the floor and reduce the risk of any heat damage.
  5. Versatility: Ceramic abrasives can be used on a many different materials, including metals.
  6. Reduces the risk of clogging: Ceramic abrasives have a self-sharpening feature that helps to avoid clogging, making them ideal for use in applications that produce a lot of debris.
  7. Longer lifespan: Due to their high self-sharpening feature and durability, ceramic abrasives have a longer lifespan than other abrasive materials.

Why does the Bona 8600 green ceramic abrasive stand out and is so popular with professionals?

  • Firstly, the Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Disc has been made using high-quality materials, which make it able to withstand wear and tear. The ceramic grains used to make the product are evenly distributed, which makes the sanding process is efficient and smooth. The use of ceramic grains also ensures that the product is long-lasting and can be used for multiple sanding projects.
  • Secondly, the Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Disc has been made to be environmentally friendly. The abrasive is made using materials, that do not harm the environment… Making it a popular choice among people who are conscious about the impact that their actions have on the environment.
  • Thirdly, the Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Disc has been made so it is easy to use. This abrasive is compatible with the Bona Flexi Sanda and the 150ml edging sanders… which makes it easy for professionals to use for their sanding projects.
  • Fourthly, the Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Disc has been made to provide the best results. The product has a high removal rate, ensuring that the sanding process is completed efficiently and quickly. The abrasive also ensures that the floor surface is even and smooth, which makes it ideal for finishing and staining.

Finally, the Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Disc has been made to be cost-effective. The ceramic abrasive is priced competitively, making it affordable for professionals who need to use it for lots of sanding projects. The ceramic abrasive's durability also means that it lasts longer, which reduces the frequent replacements.

If you would like to learn more click on the image below to see the Technical Data Sheet:

TDS Bona 8600 Green ceramic disc abrasive ultimate floor care Cambridge UK

To speak to someone and learn more or order yours now, click on the relevant image below:

Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Abrasive Ultimate Floor Care

Bona 8600 Green Ceramic Abrasive Ultimate Floor Care

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