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Bona Flexisand 1.9 – A little package for you!

Bona Flexisand 1.9 – A little package for you!

As most of you know… here at Ultimate floor, we choose to partner with brands all around the world, and that's why we now offer amazing products by Bona. Bona's mission is to bring out the beauty in natural wooden floors, a passion that we share! Because of their performance and drive to develop and innovate solutions to renovate, maintain, resurface, and refinish hard floors… we fully support them and their products. 

Like us, the safety and needs of everyone are essential. From the industrial customers and professional craftsmen to the floors homeowners themselves, ours and Bona's focus is on them all. This focus starts from the installation to the aftercare. They advocate for solutions that help their customers safely carry out the best results on their customer's wood floors.

Bona was established in 1919 and is the world's leading innovator of wooden floor treatments. Their presence is in over 90 different countries, so they can stay close to all their customers. 

They also pride themselves on giving a lifetime of support!

What is the Bona Flexisand?

The Bona Flexisand 1.9 machine does everything they say it will. Craftsmen all over the world are using this machine… I'm going to give you all the information you need to make you want to choose this as your next machine.

From concrete grinding to bare wood sanding, this is a powerful buffer for your different flooring needs.

Bona Flexisand 1.9 comes with plates for different jobs… For example:

  • Fine sanding
  • Oiling
  • Concrete grinding
  • Bare wood floor sanding

With its robust structure and powerful 1.9kw motor, this machine always gives a smooth feel. You can also use this machine with the Bona power drive plate. This plate allows for direction free and powerful sanding on bare wood. 

The key benefits of the Bona Flexisand:

  • Ergonomic and easy operation
  • 25%increase in motor power than the Flexisand 1.5
  • Easy to transport with its big wheels.
  • Compatible with many driving pates
  • Dust containment ready
  • Effective concrete grinding when using the Bona concrete disc.
  • Handle folds so taking up minimum space when transporting.
  • Power outlet for accessories (sockets)

Technical Data:

  • Motor type - 1 (phase)
  • Voltage - 230V ~ (+/- 5%)
  • Power - 1,8kw
  • Frequency - 50Hz
  • Recommended Fuse - 16A.
  • Safety Devises
  • 16A Overload switch (manual reset)
  • Thermal protection in motor (auto reset)
  • Abrasive disc speed - 147rpm (unloaded)
  • Diameter of disc - 407mm (16")
  • Height/width/depth - 1170mm/490mm/640mm


Here at Ultimate Floor Care, we are doing a package which will include the following:

  • The Bona Flexisand machine 1.9
  • The Power Drive Connect Board
  • XL Dustskirt
  • various sanding and intermediate pads.

You can place your order for this fantastic package by calling us on 01223 625845. The lead time on this is three working days, so give us at least three days' notice if you need it. 

To see more about this order, click on this link

If you would like to read the technical data sheet from Bona, Click on the image below:

 Bona Flexisand 1.9 Ultimate Floor Care United Kingdom

Usually, we would do the order online but due to the package deal it will be telephone order only.

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