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A Deep Dive into Pallmann Allbase Wood Floor Primer

A Deep Dive into Pallmann Allbase Wood Floor Primer

Pallmann Allbase primer is an excellent product for use in all aspects of wooden flooring finishing where a primer is required. It's fast drying, Colour enhancing, barrier protection and easy to use with the correct equipment. Pallmann doesn't offer many solvent-based products as they are working toward going water-based for all their products, although there is a requirement for some products to be Solvent based, and I will explain a little more here about the importance of it. 


The Solvent base element of this product is vital for two reasons: drying times and protective barrier. The drying time of Pallmann Allbase primer is 1 hour to apply a top coat of Solvent based lacquer and 2 – 3 hours for a water-based product. You can apply this product with two coats. The drying time needed before you apply a second coat is around 45 minutes. So why two coats, and how does it help? The first coat acts as a barrier which has high importance when dealing with oily or exotic timbers where contamination can come through and cause a reaction with the topical coat. They have designed this product to prevent this. The second coat is for more colour enhancement if it is required. The primer is for good colour enhancement, and you can apply a second coat for higher colour enhancement.


When applying the Pallmann Allbase Primer, the Pallmann 4mm Alcohol based roller sleeve is required to be used. The reason for the shorter pile roller from the pile range of Pallmann Roller sleeves is so the correct amount of product is applied to the floor. This works out that around 40ml of product is applied to a square meter area, so a thin coat is applied that also helps with the drying time. This product has around an 85% of solvent content, so when this is applied, wearing the proper PPE is vital. As you would with any other Wood floor, primer nitrile gloves are recommended to be worn with handling any wood floor finish. Respiratory protection is not explicitly required if you are working in a well-vented area, although wearing a p3 mask and an A2-rated filter is advised. The half masks are better for comfort. 


Now that all the technical bits are out of the way, let me tell you my thoughts on this product and what other contractors have said to me about using this product. It is an excellent barrier to be used with tropical timbers where a barrier is needed to avoid contamination with the resin and other minerals in the wood to react with the topical coat. A great plus is the drying time. They are typically used in commercial areas where time is only sometimes on your side. However, we as a trade are moving away from Alcohol based products as they are more restricted due to air pollution and environmental policing. This product does have its advantages.  


To order this product click here. Pallmann Allbase Primer 

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