• £18.90

Satin wax dressing for Natural Stone

What will it Dress

  • Satin Wax Dressing is an ideal surface sealer to protect natural stone and gives a wonderful Satin finish.
  • The Wax Dressing is perfect for use on Stone, unpolished marble, limestone, quarry tiles, granite and any absorbent stones.
  • Using the TileMaster protection system your tiles will have an excellent and strong surface barrier which helps make maintenance easier.

Warning: Does not protect stone from acid or chemical damage, surface wear or scratching. Does not protect from oil.


Where to use

  • Perfect for use on your floors, walls, split face tiles or anywhere around your home to protect natural stone. (Not Suitable for wet areas or outdoors.


Coverage Rates Per 1Litre per coat

High Absorbency Honed Natural Stone 8 – 12 sqm

Medium Absorbency Honed Natural Stone 15 – 25 Sqm



  • Enhances the natural appearance of surface and gives matt finish.
  • Low odour and does not give off unpleasant smells.
  • Protects, enhances and maintains tiles in one solution.
  • Easy to apply and Ready to USE
  • Aids maintenance and makes it easy to clean your floor


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