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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise

Pallmann Flex Disc to suit Pallmann Spider 169518

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Introducing Pallmann Spider Flex Discs: Elevate Your Pallmann Spider Experience

Upgrade your Pallmann Spider with the innovative Pallmann Spider Flex Discs, designed to achieve optimum sanding results.  Crafted to perfection, these triple-disc plate discs are engineered for easy usability and unparalleled performance at every sanding step.

Universal Application: Whether you're tackling initial sanding, fine sanding, or finishing touches, the Pallmann Spider Flex Discs are up to the task. Versatile and adaptable, they excel in every sanding application, delivering consistent results with ease.

Optimal Sanding Results: Say goodbye to uneven sanding and hello to flawless finishes. With a smooth running mechanism, these flex discs ensure optimum sanding results, 

Surface Adaptability: No two surfaces are the same, but with Pallmann Spider Flex Discs, that's not a problem. These discs adapt seamlessly to the surface being sanded, ensuring precision and uniformity across every inch of flooring. Limitations are still in place for uneven floorboard that can cause damage to these discs and cause machine bouncing.

Longevity Guaranteed: Experience the durability of high-tech hook and loop technology with Pallmann Spider Flex Discs. Built to last, they offer a prolonged service life, saving you time and money on replacements.

Upgrade Your Sanding Game: Gone are the days of complex setup and potential errors. Pallmann Spider Flex Discs have replaced the traditional pad system, simplifying your pad system and minimizing the chance of mistakes. Designed for convenience and efficiency, they're a must-have for Spider Owners. 

The old pad system of support, shim and exhaust are still available as spares. Any machines purchased after 2023 will be equipped with these flex discs 

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