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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise


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the Padco Heavyweight 18" Applicator Frame, a crucial tool for achieving efficient and professional floor finish application on a variety of surfaces, including hardwood, concrete, vinyl, stone, and tile. Designed to seamlessly work with various refill styles, this applicator frame guarantees optimal performance with waterborne, oil-modified, moisture-cured, solvent-based, and resilient surface finishes.

When paired with compatible refill pads, the Padco Heavyweight 18" Applicator Frame ensures a precise, smooth finish. Its unique cushioned squeegee action delivers a streak-free and bubble-free finish, leaving floors looking flawlessly finished every time. This applicator frame empowers you to achieve professional results with ease.

The Padco Heavyweight 18" Applicator Frame is thoughtfully weighted, providing you with control over the mil thickness of the coating applied. As a heavyweight applicator, it allows for the application of a thinner layer of finish, making it ideal for specific applications where such precision is required.

This versatile and reliable floor coater applicator frame is your go-to tool for finishing large areas, be it commercial and residential spaces, hallways, or gym floors. Its exceptional performance ensures that you complete your floor care projects in record time and with outstanding results.

Take advantage of the Padco Heavyweight 18" Applicator Frame to elevate your floor care endeavors. Its compatibility with a wide range of refill styles enables you to choose the best pad for your specific needs, ensuring exceptional results on various surfaces. Experience the difference this applicator frame can make in achieving a professional finish effortlessly.

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