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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise


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The Delphin Dolphin Knife with Holster, a versatile and reliable tool that is favored by professionals for its exceptional performance. With its unique features and quality craftsmanship, the Delphin Dolphin Knife is a must-have for various trades and applications especially flooring.

The Delphin Dolphin Knife features a cast and hinged aluminum body that is both arched and tapered, allowing for a comfortable grip and precise control. Its flared end creates a firm mechanical lock when held, ensuring secure handling during use. The trapped wheel mechanism enables easy and tool-free blade replacement, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

The knife's handle measures 6 1/2 inches in length and includes an internal blade storage well capable of holding up to 15 spare blades [1]. Additionally, an embedded rare-earth magnet near the nose holds the blade securely in place while the knife is being opened or closed. 

To ensure portability and easy access, the Delphin Dolphin Knife comes with a plastic holster that features an integral clip. The holster securely holds the knife, allowing you to carry it conveniently on your belt or in your tool pouch. This means the knife is always within reach when you need it, ensuring efficient workflow and productivity.

You can rely on this knife for a wide range of cutting tasks, whether you're working with carpets, vinyl, or other materials. Experience the reliability, functionality, and exceptional performance of the Delphin Dolphin Knife with Holster. 

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