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Introducing the Diamabrush Replacement Blade Kit for the mastic tool, designed to provide efficient and effective mastic removal for your flooring projects. Whether you're tackling stubborn coatings like mastic, carpet or tile adhesive, thin set, or thin mil coatings like urethane or paint, these spare blades are essential for achieving professional results.

The Replacement Blade Kit offers a balance between precision and coverage. Each kit includes six replacement blades, ensuring you have an ample supply to complete your removal tasks without interruptions.

These blades are equipped with 25 to 30 grit diamond embedded metal, providing exceptional cutting power and durability. They are designed to be used with the Diamabrush Concrete Mastic Removal Tool, which is compatible with 14 to 16-inch tools. 

To install the spare blades, simply loosen two screws on the Mastic Removal Tool and replace the used or worn blades. This easy and quick blade replacement process minimizes downtime, allowing you to maintain productivity and stay on schedule.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to use the Mastic Removal Tool with water. The blades require a 15-30 second break-in period, and depending on the condition of the floor, each blade can cover approximately 700 sq mtre. Please ensure that the tool is used with a 1.5 hp Standard Low-Speed Floor Buffer (does not require a weighted machine) or an auto scrubber. Counter-rotating twin brushes require one clockwise and one counterclockwise Mastic Removal Tool for optimal performance.


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