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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise

Floor Sanding Training Courses

floor sanding training Ultimate Floor Care


07 - 09 February 2024

15 - 17 May 2024

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BWFA approved and carried out by level 3 EAT credited trainer.

The UKs largest and best equipped training centre, Floorskills is a government approved training centre, it is family run by people who are passionate about improving standards in the UK

Training carried out on multiple machine brands in an independent government approved training centre. We use product supplied by manufacturers, this may vary from course to course.

Structured course. Our course was built in 2006 and has been updated many times since. You will spend "hands on" time with many types of machines and finishes  and do the class room work so you learn the "whys" not just the "hows".

Flexibility. We believe you learn best if allowed to ask questions, we don't believe in being "slaves" to  the course structure. Unlike others we can answer from our real world experience.

The UK's most experienced trainer. Built a floor sanding business and has owned and used multiple machine brands. Works with manufacturers and is consulted by many floor sanders across the UK.

We don't just teach you to sand floors. We also teach you to run a successful business without resorting to low ball pricing.

Ongoing support. Your trainer loves helping people to build successful businesses and spends a lot of time every week helping existing customers. No one else offers this and yet it is what our past students find the most valuable


floor sanding training Ultimate Floor Care UK

"I can't recommend UFC enough, it's made a massive difference to the direction my business is going, long may it last!"


If you attend our course you will be trained on all the traditional machines types such as belt sanders, edgers, finishing sanders, buffers and basic planetary machines and unlike  ANY other training company you can choose from the three leading equipment brands on the market and compare machines side by side.

We also teach you how to apply the main types of floor finishes used today, water-based lacquer, single component oils, hard-wax oils and catalysed oils as well as covering the use and application of primers and stains.

"I really enjoyed the course as well - something totally new to me which was good. If any floor cleaners ask me about a wood floor course, I will definitely pass you details on and tell them about it."


The course is designed for those who are thinking of starting a floor sanding business (we have assisted over 100 start ups at this stage) and covers what problems to look out for and how to quote as well as timber recognition and the implications in terms of what product to use.

The course is structured to make sure all the basics are covered and comes with a training manual, but because of our real world experience, we can deal with the questions that arise with examples drawn from our own experience.

However, even experienced sanding operatives will benefit from our training and we can show you how to really make money from floor sanding whilst give your customer the very best buying experience.

"Without the support of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company we would have never been able to diversify into the floor sanding market, but with the guidance of Terry and team I would say it was one of the best decisions we have made. Floor sanding now accounts for at least 70% of new business."


Run in conjunction with the UKs largest and best equipped  Training Centre (Floorskills) over 3 days it is very "hands on" but does not ignore class room work that is vital to making sure you understand why we do it the way we do and what can happen if you don't.

"Terry also impressed myself over last couple of days which takes some doing! I’m also very happy with the skills and knowledge that Terry demonstrated. He is 100% top of his game and I’m very happy he is part of our team."


This is the most intense and comprehensive floor sanding training course available and comes with ongoing support should you decide to enter the business.







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