The raw look on your wooden floor

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Do you want to offer your customer the sanded look to their wooden floor with a seal? The unfinished raw wood floor look? Luckily there is something on the market that can help you make that possible with the Pallmann Pall-X pure floor lacquer. It’s a water-based 2-component coating system that creates that special matt finish and the so-call raw wood effect.

Pallmann Pall X Pure Wooden Floor Lacquer

Being a topical coat (Lacquer) rather than an impregnating coat (Oil) you will need to use a primer with it, in the past contractors have found that using a primer like the Pall-x 325 would actually darken the timber not allowing it to have the full raw effect. one of the reasons you must use a primer is the colour enhancement of the wood and finish. With that said surely, there would be no reason to add the pure onto a floor with a primer that is going to darken the floor when what you are wanting to do is lighten the floor and give it that raw look.


How do I lighten the floor before using pall-x pure?

Let me also introduce the Pallmann Pall-x 330 primer range. Available in pure or white from our stock range Here, these primers will give you the base colour to use to your advantage in bringing the floor to its expected result. Whether you are wanting to just have the pure look or lightly whiten the finish, the 330 white on pine boards looks great as it tones down the yellowing found in this softwood leaving an amazing white matt look.

How do I apply pall x pure? Parameters need.

In order to apply this product the room and floor need to be within the correct parameters. The climate needs to be between 18 – 25°c relative humidity. As this product is pigmented, containing colour-enhancing pigment to give it that pure look and special matt finish it will need to be applied with a different roller to your normal water-based systems. It will need to be applied with the Pallmann special application roller.

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