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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
The Pallmann Cobra Belt Sanders

The Pallmann Cobra Belt Sanders

The belt sanders in this blog are the Pallmann Cobra Classic belt sanders and the Pallmann Cobra 09 belt sanders. Before we get into the difference between the 2 machines that we offer here at ultimate floor care let’s hear more about the belt sander in general and what its main purpose is. These are traditional continuous belt sanders using a 200mm x 750mm sanding belt, they both have the unique Pallmann single drive system which means they are quicker to set up and sand closer to skirtings on the left-hand side. The Cobra 09 also features more ergonomic controls on the top of the handle, height adjustable controls, and a voltmeter. This voltage meter is key to finding out if there is enough power where you are working to run the belt sander. When the machine is turned on this will light up with how many volts are running through into the motor. Another key feature of this is you can tell if there is any power getting to the machine in the first place. (a really good idea for several reasons), a light, and an emergency stop button. Both also feature trigger and lever raise and lower mechanisms and are rated at 2.5kw.

Belt sanders are excellent for levelling floors and fast stock removal from heavily damaged floors; however, you do need to purchase a finishing machine to use modern finishes that require a higher standard of sanding, this can be a planetary machine such as the Pallmann Spider, Bona Flexisand or Lagler Trio, or a basic rotary machine.

As an edge sander, we recommend a Pallmann Gecko Star edger in either 150mm or 180mm.

So, what’s included in my belt sander bundle?

  • Tool bag with everything you will need to undertake basic maintenance on your machine
  • 2 dust bags with 10 plastic inlays. The bag-in-bag system works very effectively when you are working on larger floor areas
  • Sanding belts 36grit, 60grit, and 100grit, To get you started but more abrasive will be needed to start working straight away
  • 12mtr PUR cable. Used to power the machine. It is important not to plug into an extension lead. This needs to be plugged straight into the mains
  • Ear protection and a dust mask. PPE is key when floor sanding especially with this machine
  • Spare v belt. Always key to keep spares like this on the van. In case you are in need on-site.
  • And the most important part is the machine itself!


Available here @Ultimate Floor Care 

 Pallmann Classic Cobra Belt Sander


Pallmann cobra 09 belt sander Pallmann Cobra 09 Belt Sander


Do you want to read more about our Pallmann Spider Finishing Machine, check out this blog:


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