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The difference between Magic oil Original and Magic Oil Ergo

The difference between Magic oil Original and Magic Oil Ergo

The Pallmann Magic oil range is a great impregnating oil/wax combination finish for wooden floors. Over the years the design of the original magic oil 2 k has been looked at and adapted to make the application and the finish easier and better. Here is a breakdown of some of the differences between the two Pallmann products and their benefits.

Application. This is one of the main differences between the two oils as the Pallmann Original Oil is applied to the floor with a hand Pallmann oil application trowel that spreads across the floor, working it into the wood. Now this oil/wax combination is a thick product with quick drying properties. Although this shouldn’t be a problem, great care should be taken by using it in larger areas, not allowing it to harden on the surface prior to buffing off with a tan pad and then a white pad. With the Magic oil Ergo, this product has been made slightly thinner allowing this to be applied using the Magic oil ergo squeegee applicator method that can be done standing up. The squeegee can be connected to most of your common handles on the market. As well as being easier to apply to the floor, it has a greater working time in comparison to the original. 

Colour. The way that Pallmann magic oil works is it enhances the original natural colour of the wood, sealing and protecting it. With that said, if you want to change the visual colour of the wood, a different product and method would have to be used like the 333 primers used with a colour concentrate that Pallmann offer in the colour collection system. Now with Magic oil Ergo, the colour concentration can be added straight to the ergo. As it is a thinner product, and its chemical bodies allow it to carry pigment, you do not have to overcoat it and can mix it straight with the oil. Whereas with the original Magic oil, you are not able to do this.

Hardener. Both hardeners in the Pallmann Magic oil Original and the Pallmann Magic oil Ergo have a very high mechanical and chemical resistance, slip resistance and many other attributes that put this product in the lead for impregnating finishes. The Pallmann Magic oil Ergo hardener is slightly different to the Pallmann Magic oil Original hardener, so it is key that they are not substituted for one another or mixed. In some instances, in places of high moisture content like kitchens, entrances and even worktops, additional hardener may be added to the mixture, but it is a must that the hardeners are not used with the other. The chemical bonding of the catalyst and the A components will not react correctly either leaving you with a product that will not set and will not have any strength or bond in the wood. The hardener for the Ergo has slightly more chemical and mechanical resistance as opposed to the magic oil original.

Coating. The Magic oil Original 2k is a 2-coat system, and it is stated that the first coat that is applied is absorbed by only 80% of the fibres of the wood and the second coat that is applied is saturated by the rest. The Pallmann Magic oil Ergo is a one-coat system that allows you quicker working time and essentially uses less product. The Term ergonomic is used by Pallmann for this product hence the name Ergo as this product has been designed for easier application, working time and overall finish. Over this past year of 2022, our orders for Pallmann Magic oil Ergo have doubled where contractors that follow the Pallmann brand have now gone from the original onto the Ergo that’s to its benefits.  

Want to find more? Here at Ultimate Floor Care, we work closely with our contractors and invite you to try either of these products and come back to us with your real-world scenario and outcome. 

To purchase Pallmann Magic Oil 2k Original, click on link:  PALLMANN MAGIC OIL 2K ORIGINAL

To purchase Pallmann Magic Oil Ergo, click on link: PALLMANN MAGIC OIL ERGO


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