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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Stunning Results from our new Partners Tover!

Stunning Results from our new Partners Tover!

Here at Ultimate Floor Care, we are now proud to be teaming up with Tover. For years, this company has been supplying adhesives to the UK thanks to its high strength, elasticity, and sustainable properties. But let us introduce you to their lacquer and oil range. We have their core range in stock here in the UK as a Tover distributor, with many more additions to the range to comeLet’s take a look at the core range we stock here at Ultimate Floor Care. 


Idrofondo h20 Sealer. 

Idrofondo h20 sealer is Tovers natural effect wood floor primer. It is their go-to primer to use with any of their water-based lacquer systems. It offers a natural effect with slight tannin reactions, allowing for a natural timber appearance in the middle ground. Not too light Scandi and not too dark exotic. You can overcoat it after one hour or alternatively allow it to dry for approximately 2 -3 hours, then screen it back to remove the grain raised and overcoated. To apply this product, you will require an 8mm micro fibre roller, Which you can find here.

Premium Roller


Home Maxi 

Home Maxi is Tovers’ one-component wood floor lacquer. Designed for medium-traffic areas, it has a self-linking formula that offers resistance to chemicals and abrasion resistance. Abrasion resistance is something that makes this product unique. They did not design the self-linking system to offer a 2k product as a 1k but to give it that additional resistance required in domestic properties. Works brilliantly in conjunction with Idrofondo H20 sealer for best results. From this lacquer, you will get a warming effect but transparent, bringing the natural look of the timber with slight coloration; easy to use and comes in from our stock range, Matt and Extra Matt. Other sheen levels are available to order with a longer lead time.  

Tover Home Maxi Lacquer


Idrolak DR97  

Idrolak DR97 two-component wood floor lacquer. Suitable for high foot traffic areas like wooden floors in the kitchen and wooden floors in hallways, as well as for commercial environments. The finished article of this product gives the wood a light, natural effect while still bringing the original colouring of the timber through the floor. Its environmentally friendly certifications and suitability for safe for kids EN71-3 means it is a great product to use in a busy household with small children and heavy foot traffic floors. This product can give you that piece of mind. To keep the natural warm tone, the perfect primer to use will be the Idrofondo H20 primer-sealer. One coat of primer and two coats of lacquer are required to get optimum protection from this product. Matt and Extra Matt are available from our core range in the UK at Ultimate Floor Care. 

Idrolak DR97 two-component wood floor lacquer


L’olio Oil  

Tover L’olio Oil is an oil wax combination product that gives that warm, rich effect thanks to the way the oil reacts inside the wood. It is a one-component product that has high protection against moisture and holds chemicals typically used around the home. The application method for this is generally the same as other manufacturers of oil, either application with an ss trowel or the buffing system. The drying time on this product is 24 hours before you can proceed with a white pad buffing to bring a sheen to the floor. We will dive more into this product with its own article to show the great results, so stay tuned. Yes, it is a one-component product, but you can buy an oil cross-linker separately. This allows the increase of chemical and mechanical resistance to the floor. If you have a kitchen or high foot traffic area in the home, it is recommended that you use this oil linker. This won't affect the finish or the colour but the resistance level.  

L'Olio 100% Wax Oil
Tover Oil-Linker


Tover Maintenance Products 

Tover Pulito  

Tover Pulito is a natural soap for lacquered wood floors. Thanks to the contents of this wood floor soap, not only does it offer great cleaning abilities but also revives and offers a degree of additional protection; this product is supplied neatly and will need dilution of 120ml of product to 5litrs of water. It is suitable for domestic and commercial floors. There is no need to rinse. Just apply a damp amount using a microfiber cloth and allow it to dry. Offer a dry and streak-free floor in minutes. In addition to the cleaning and reviving abilities of this product, the cleaner leaves a fresh scent in the room. The perfect product to be used as a regular cleaner for floors that have been finished with Tover Home Maxi and Tover Idroklak DR97. 

Tover Pulito is a natural soap for lacquered wood floors


Tover Deteroil  

Tover Deteroil is a natural soap for oiled wooden floors with a coconut oil based. A natural choice to use on your oiled wooden floor work with the cleaning of L’olio oil-finished floors that you can use on other oiled or waxed floors. It is a highly popular product to keep in the cleaning cupboard to keep your oiled floor clean and refreshed. It leaves a streak and toxic-free clean on your oiled floor. Maintenance and correct cleaning is crucial for the longevity of your wooden floor. If you're not sure what product is right for your wooden floor, it is always best to check. Get in touch today and find out what cleaning product is best for your wooden floor.

Tover Deteroil Natural Soap for oiled wood floors
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