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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Ronda 200H Power H Class – The Pallmann Vac

Ronda 200H Power H Class – The Pallmann Vac

Dustless floor sanding is the only way to go now… and what better way to do it than with the Ronda 200H Power H Class vacuum machine. This Vacuum works just like other industrial floor sanding vacuums… These machines are made specially to suction the dust your wood floor sander creates before it gets into the air to settle on surfaces and gets breathed in.

Why is dustless floor sanding important?... In work areas furnished, Dustless floor sanding is beneficial. It is also helpful and safer for the contractor's health and safety. In an office environment, dustless floor sanding creates less clean-up time once the floor is complete. Also, this type of machine keeps sanding dust from filtering into delicate equipment and other electronics.

This must be used alongside the 50 litre Wolff Pre-Separator, which you can purchase by click on the link below... the vacuum is too powerful for the smaller one!

Wolff Pre-Separator Ultimate Floor Care Cambridge UK

Benefits of the RONDA Vacuum 200H Power H Class Extractor 

  • This machine is a high-quality Danish H-Class vacuum cleaner.
  • It has been approved for dust extraction using tools of fine hazardous dust designed for the wood floor sanding industry.
  • Sturdy build for the construction industry.
  • It is a Class H vacuum cleaner that has met the latest EU standards for fine and health-hazardous dust.
  • It has a multi-tube filter function that is coated in Teflon as a self-cleaning pre-filter. It also has a HEPA filter for fine particles. This filters 99.995% at 0.3 μm. The filtration is the highest on the market.
  • It has low noise and 230V continuous suction power.
  • Its soft start motor has the newest motor technology, which includes lower power consumption.
  • The shock valve enables its multi-tube filter cleaning during use.
  • It has an alarm, and a beeper will go off in case of low airflow.
  • It is relatively lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Power outlet with an automatic start & Stop switch.

What is the greatest importance of this type of machine in floor sanding:

The most significant importance is your health. Breathing in hazardous dust daily is extremely bad for your lungs. Most of you will be doing this daily, and if you're breathing that in every day, you're putting your lungs at risk in the long run. Even with face masks, without a vacuum extractor, you will notice it later in life.

What do they include in buying this product?

It comes complete with the following:

  • 4m/38mm hose the professional set of accessories: round brush, crevice tool, tool adapter with air adjustment, all-purpose nozzle, complete tube with bend and all-purpose floor nozzle.
  • Multi tube filter
  • HEPA filter and
  • Synthetic collection bag.
  • Instruction Booklet

You can see everything it come with in the unboxing of the Ronda Vacuum 200H Power H Class Extractor: 


    Technical Data:

    • You can use this machine with a pre-separator… available separately.
    • Hard wearing 8 metres Length of cable.
    • Airflow measured 48 litres per second… using a 4m 38mm hose.
    • Airflow maximum 54 litres per second… per motor.
    • Power maximum 1450
    • Vacuum motor max 3000
    • Noise level - under 70 decibels
    • Collection capacity - 16 litres
    • Height - 795mm
    • Width - 430mm
    • Length - 450mm
    • Weight - 15kg

    To place your Order for either the Ronda or the Wolff, click the relevant image below:

    Ronda H Class Vacuum Extractor for wood floor sanding Ultimate Floor Care UK Wolff Pre-Separator for floor sanding Ultimate Floor Care UK

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