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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Review of Best Floor Sanding Edger's on The Market in the UK.

Review of Best Floor Sanding Edger's on The Market in the UK.

Here's a review of different types/brands of wood floor sanding edgers that are on the Market, Based on my experience with the tools and based on other contractors' feedback from around the UK. I Have broken this down into the different manufacturers that are widely known and commonly used in the UK for the wood floor sanding industry.




The Gecko Star

This machine comes in either 150mm or 180mm disc diameter options. The difference between the two sizes is simply the surface area of sanding and the sizes of discs you will commonly use. 

This machine is the standing option of an edger, where you stand behind it and bend over while working the machine. 

There is also a detachable knob handle that can be attached to the front and the back of the machine for kneeling down use as well. 

For dust extraction, this tool comes with a cage and dust bag. You would commonly use this with this machine. However, it is supplied with attachments for the machine, which you would need to connect to a dust extractor. 

Known in the industry to be an aggressive machine, I feel this machine is perfect for any wooden floor. At the batch of the machine, adjustments can be made to the height of the rear castors, giving you flexibility in cutting angle and aggression. 

The Gecko Flex

Handle-held versatile machine that works as a great partner to team up with the Pallmann Spider. Mainly as this machine shares the same 180mm 9-hole abrasive disc as the triple plate on the Pallmann Spider does. 

Compared to the Gecko Star, this is a more on-the-knees-the-floor type of usage. It does bring a larger surface area of cut than the star but a different approach as to the use of it. 

This machine can also be speed adjustable to adapt to the type of finish and where you are in the sanding process.

For dust extraction, this machine only comes with the option to be hooked up to a dust extractor with different types of adaptors to suit different machines. A versatile machine that can also be used on worktops and stairs as well as the edges of floors. 




The Bona Combi Edge

The Bona Cobi Edge gives you the advantage of being able to change the arm of the machine between short and long with ease. 

The short arm is 130mm long from the base of the machine, and the long arm offers 330mm, giving you versatility and the option to reach those hard-to-get areas under radiators or other obstructions. 

A lightweight stand-behind machine that uses the same discs as its rotary partner, the Bona Flexi. For better visibility on the floor when dealing with scratch patterns, the ample LED light on the front brings to light areas that need going over again and shedding light on the edges. 

For dust extraction, they supply this machine with a reusable, emptiable filter dust bag. However, if required or preferred, they do provide attachments to work in conjunction with the BONA DCS extraction system for optimal dust collection.


The Bona Edge UX

This machine uses a modern design similar to the Combi Edge with additional features to help it be more versatile in how you use it. 

The pressure touch trigger mechanism on the handles allows you to engage the machine with a simple squeeze of the handle. 

This dead man's switched edgers is a one-of-a-kind in the industry that increases the operator's safety in the unlikely hood of a hazard. 

The disc size that suits this machine is 178mm. 

The dust collection on this machine is as efficient as it come with the offset placement of the sanding disc and the connection to plug straight into a DSC extraction unit. 

Overall, with the adjustable back wheels and the LED strip on the front, this machine is a great tool to combine with the Bona Belt UK.


Choosing any of them all boils down to your needs... If you need any help or advice give us a call:

📞: 01223 081404  or visit 🌐:

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