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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Recoating your wooden floors without sanding

Recoating your wooden floors without sanding

The Pall-x 350 bonding agent has been brought onto the market by Pallmann, to make life easier for Floor Sanding contractors. A floor can now be finished without the need for sanding. The product can be used as a part of your arsenal of tackling the refinishing of old or new wooden floors. This product can be used instead of having to completely sand off the finish on a floor that is in good condition, i.e. has no dents, marks, or deep scratches.

Our experts at Ultimate Floor Care have broken down the benefits, applications, and usage of the new product.

When to use the product 

Pall-x 350 can be used on multiple types of floors, including UV dried, pre-finished or pre-oiled floors. The product is handy when you have a floor that is in good condition but just needs a refresh or an additional coat. For instance, if Mrs. Jones has a pre-finished matt oak floor that is looking a bit dull. The floor is in good condition, but she doesn’t want a matt finish as it doesn’t go well with the bright, shiny pink sofa! Where your instant reaction would be to sand this back and offer Pallmann Pall-X 96 or Pallmann Pall-X 98 Semi-gloss to bring more of a shine to the floor, this product has been made to make these instances easier.

Pre-application clean

Of course, there is a process to follow before it is applied to the floor, it needs to be free from dirt and imperfection. The floor should be thoroughly cleaned as you normally would with the Pallmann Neutral Clean. It is a lot easier and more cost-effective than having to go through your abrasive pads and belts, and your time to complete the sand.

Applying the product

Now the floor is ready it's time to get the product ready and apply it to the floor. It is a two pack product that needs to be mixed 3:1 with the Isocyanate bonding agent to give the strength and flexibility it needs. With the application, it will need to be applied to the floor with the Pallmann Alcohol-based roller sleeve. This sleeve has a shorter pile for this be to applied evenly and thinly across the floor. If it is applied in the correct way one mixed bottle can cover up to 50 sqm2 of the floor.

We cannot stress enough that the whole floor must be thoroughly cleaned including the corners and the edges. Before it is applied thinly with no areas missed.

After giving it a dry time of one to maximum four hours, the bond to the existing floor has been made and the seal is working as it should, You are now ready to apply your topcoat. The Pallmann Pall-X 350 has been made to work with The Pallmann Pall-X water-based range of products. Pallmann offers some great options from the Pall-X range. For topcoats we stock Pall-X 96, Pall-X 98, Pall-X Pure and Pall-X Zero. This can be applied in the same way you would usually apply them with an 11mm pile water-based Pallmann roller sleeve.

We hope this has given you an idea of yet another fantastic product from Pallmann. Please be aware this can’t be used on all floors and great care should be taken when you are choosing the right product for the right job. If you are not sure, test!

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