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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise

Parkett Profi Contractors - Listen Up

Yesterday I had a meeting with Mike Hamer from Pallmann to discuss lots of different things and at the end of the meeting he brought up the subject of Parkett Profi, an underutilised offer that is winning big business.

So, to all you Parkett Profi guys out there let me clarify exactly what it can offer your business and how it is benefitting those who are using it properly. Shown below is the warranty that is offered to Parkett Profi end user customers (your customers if you are Parkett Profi approved) by Pallmann. To avoid any possible error or mis-interpretation this is lifted straight from the Pallmann website.

2 Years Warranty

We believe that manufacturers should take full responsibility for their systems. Our ”GOOD FOR WOOD” system is complete from the subfloor up and our expertise is second to none. We are so confident of our products performance that we are prepared to underwrite the work that contractors do with our systems for 12 months.

We believe that this is a unique offer that should reassure you and your clients that you are specifying the best. In return for this we ask our contractors and architects to follow our 5 steps specifications.

We also provide 2 years warranty on our systems for our Profi Approved Contractors.  These contractors must pass three formal training modules. For more information please e-mail our customer service department at or call 01788 530080.

The Conditions:

  • PALLMANN products to be used to 5 Steps guidelines.
  • Records of site conditions to be kept for 12 months.
  • For 2 year warranty, contractors must keep records of site conditions for 24 months and have successfully completed the appropriate PALLMANN Profi training modules.
  • Only GOOD FOR WOOD system products used.

Okay, that is the offer and it is a good one that is winning business at the very valuable end of the market, you will notice there are some conditions for both you and the customer but nothing that is unreasonable.


In our recent survey of what was wanted from an Advance Training Course one of the common requests was for help on getting higher end, commercial work and yet one of the most valuable tools that Parkett Profi guys have in their armoury is being totally under-utilised.


You have a big commercial job to quote for, it is nerve wracking; you may be a small contractor, they are a big company, who are demanding lots of info (including H & S) and you don’t know where to find it. If you just don’t feel confident about getting it over the line. Imagine how much more confident you could be if you had representation from a company with an annual turnover of half a million euros and experience across a range of outlets; sports halls, restaurants, bars, gyms, civic buildings, retail outlets etc. Backing you with complete faith and a reputable warranty. What if that person was telling the customer you were the man/woman for the job and his company had every faith in you and would back that up with the above warranty. WOULD YOU BE CONFIDENT THEN??

Over the past 2 years Pallmann have been working hard to get into the school, market and it is starting to pay off, seven sanding contracts for sports halls, have been handed out in the last few weeks and there are many more in the pipeline, these have been brought in by Pallmann using the above techniques, IT WORKS!!!

Now there is also a new scheme that Mike Hamer told me about is called NEXTGEN, this is a scheme whereby Pallmann will help any Parkett Profi business prepare the next generation of owners (your daughters, sons, whoever it maybe) to take over your business when you are ready to step down. Not so useful for the young bucks out there, but like me, a few of you are creaking a bit!

So finally let me say this to you and it comes straight from Mike Hamer himself, if you are Parkett Profi and you are abiding by the rules (you won’t stay Parkett Profi if you aren’t by the way), they will give you any reasonable assistance they can to help your business thrive and grow. You are their future, they have already invested a hell a lot in many of you, through training days, boozy nights, marketing material, T shirts, etc., etc. but they want to help you to win business wherever possible, SELF INTEREST, YES, MUTUAL INTEREST YES.

Don’t be one of those who can’t see the bigger picture.

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