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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Pallmann Spider Triple Plate Pads: What Order Do They Go On?

Pallmann Spider Triple Plate Pads: What Order Do They Go On?

Any machine's overall performance, especially in floor sanding, is down to the correct information and machine setup. In the same way, on a belt sander, you can increase or decrease the drum pressure to help with more or less aggression. You can do the same for the Pallmann Spider. There are lots of different variations of the pad systems that can fit under the Pallmann spider, but there is also a standardised order to get the most effective use of the machine. 

Below, I have broken down the order for the pads to go on the Pallmann spider triple plate and explained a little more in detail the different jobs these pads have.


Pallmann Spider Exhaust Pad

The first to go on is the exhaust pads. Also known as the ninja pad. This helps with dust control by pushing the dust out into the base and up the dust shoot. As the name would state, the exhaust pad also acts as an exhaust/fan to cool down the moving part on the triple plate because, as you can imagine, there is a lot of heat build-up from being run on the floor.

Pallmann Spider Shim Disc 

Second is the shim pad, a shim of metal with a thin layer of foam and the Velcro to stick to the exhaust pad and the next pad to go onto the triple plate. This plate gives the pads more structure and surface area, stabilising the complete setup. It also helps to apply more pressure to the floor. It's the intermediate pad between the exhaust pad, and the next pad goes on the triple plate. 

Pallmann Spider Support Pad

Last is the support pad to go onto the order of this pad system it is the pad that holds the abrasive disc. This pad is to support and give you a cushion when working through your intermediate and fine grits. This is the pad that takes the main grunt from the machine. The holes always need to match up with the shim and the exhaust pad in order for optimum dust control and continuous airflow to prevent the self-adhesive on the back of the Velcro from getting too hot and peeling off.  

Pallmann Spider Soft Pad

Another Option. With this padding system, there is an additional benefit to changing out the standard support pads for the soft pads. Seen in this link. These can be used instead of the standard pad for sanding over uneven flooring at the finest grit process. The softer foam allows the movement and flexibility to allow the abrasive to reach lower down in the uneven boards.


When you are putting these pads together, it is always key that the holes from one pad to the next match perfectly for the most effective dust control with the machine and to stop the build-up of heat ruining the pads.


There are so many variants in the way you can use the pads to effectively tackle the most challenging floors, although there is a reason that there are many different machines on the market for floor sanding because they all have their own job and work better in some areas than others. To find out more about the Pallmann Spider, check out this link here. And stay up to date for more tech articles to come.

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