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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
New: Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Protector's

New: Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Protector's

Welcome to the world of Fiber ProTector. It's not quite magic, but it does a cracking job of protecting fabrics from life's mishaps. If you are looking for a new protector to convince your customers they need to spend a little more for the best result, then this is 100% the product for you. This is our new stock of carpet, upholstery and rug protector.

But how does this protector work its magic in places like hotels or cruise ships? What makes it tick down to its very molecules? And why is it such a champ when faced with wear and tear over time?

Here at Ultimate Floor Care, we like to keep up with all the best products for you! So, Join us and discover why this isn't only about keeping things clean but also how it promotes healthier environments and sustainable practices. Buckle up!


Table Of Contents:

The qualities of Fiber ProTector

This isn't your average stain guard; it's used across various industries like hospitality and transportation. Imagine hotel carpets resisting red wine stains or airliner seats defying ink marks. That’s Fiber Protector at work.

Fancy cruise ships and public buses – they all benefit from this powerful protector.


Meeting safety standards

Not only does it help maintain the appearance of fabrics... it also meets fire safety regulations for commercial planes, private jets, and even ships and trains. This impressive product satisfies both visual attractiveness and crucial safety standards.


The Science Behind Fiber ProTector

At its core, the magic of Fiber ProTector lies in molecular science. Imagine a miniature army forming an invisible shield around each fiber of your carpet, rug or upholstery. This isn't fiction—it's how Fiber ProTector works.


The Invisible Protection

This technology latches onto fibres to create a protective barrier that defends against stains and damage. It’s like giving your rug a personal bodyguard who keeps all the bad stuff away—dirt, spills, even UV rays. And remember those stats we mentioned? They reveal this 'bodyguard' reduces cleaning by up to 25%.


Preserving Colour and Appearance

Fiber Protector doesn’t just protect; it preserves too. Picture this: you've got yourself a vibrant red carpet with colours as rich as strawberries in summer. But over time, daily wear can fade these hues—but not with our trusty protector on guard. Its unique formula maintains original colours for years, keeping your fabrics looking fresh from day one.


The Longevity of Fiber ProTector Treatment

Delving into the durability of Fiber ProTector treatment against wear and tear and cleaning over time.


Reducing Maintenance Costs

Discussing how Fiber ProTector treatment can cut down on wet extraction cleaning by up to one-fourth. How? The answer lies in the innovative technology behind Fiber ProTector, which forms a barrier around each fiber. This prevents stains and dirt from embedding into the material, allowing surface debris to be easily removed with regular vacuuming.


Standing the Test of Time

Explaining how the treatment remains effective for many years despite mechanical wear and tear and cleaning.

This endurance doesn't just apply to foot traffic or kids' rough play but also extends through repeated professional cleanings. It's as if this protector has nine lives.

Remember, keeping your customer's rugs pristine isn't an uphill battle when you have a hardy ally like Fiber Protector.


The Health Benefits of Using Fiber ProTector

Using Fiber ProTector offers a multitude of health benefits. Firstly, it reduces dust attraction on your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. This is crucial because dust can trigger allergies and asthma attacks.

A study revealed that indoor dust harbours various allergens, from pollen to pet dander. Cutting down on the dust trapped in your fabrics can reduce the chances of any allergic reactions occurring.


Antibacterial Treatment with Fiber ProTector

Beyond battling against allergy triggers, using this protector also gives an antibacterial treatment to your home's soft furnishings. In these uncertain times where hygiene has never been more important, having an added layer of protection brings peace of mind.

An experiment showed that untreated fabrics could contain up to 106-108/cm² bacteria after being touched by hands or exposed to patients' skin (according to the Journal of Clinical Microbiology). The application of our protector significantly lowers these figures.


Fiber ProTector Keeps Your Customers Indoor Environment Healthier

All things considered, using Fiber Protector isn't just about keeping appearances - although it does keep your belongings looking great. More importantly, though, it helps maintain healthier surroundings at home or work too.


The Environmental Impact of Fiber ProTector

As part of Ultimate Floor Care's commitment to environmental sustainability, we've embraced the use of Fiber ProTector. But why? Let's dive into its impact on our environment.


Safety and environmental approval

Fiber ProTector is not just another product in the market; it comes with numerous safety approvals. Recognised institutions have tested and approved this game-changer for both safety and green standards. Find out more.

This isn't an easy process, though. Frequent testing ensures Fiber Protector meets international health, safety and environmental standards, guaranteeing no harm to your environment or well-being. That way, you can be sure that using Fiber Protector doesn’t harm your surroundings or compromise your well-being.


Promoting sustainable practices

Ever wondered how cleaning products contribute to sustainability? Here’s how: by reducing frequent clean-ups. Discover the benefits.

Fiber ProTector extends the lifecycle of fabrics such as carpets, upholstery, and rugs - less need for replacements means fewer resources used. So, while keeping your furnishings looking fresh as new, you're also doing a solid bit for Mother Earth.


FAQs in Relation to Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Protector


Does carpet protector really work?

Absolutely, carpet protectors like Fiber ProTector do their job brilliantly. They create a shield around the fibres that repels stains and keeps your carpets looking fresh.


What is the best protection for carpets?

Fiber ProTector tops the list. It's known for its effective molecular-level protection, preserving your carpets' colour and appearance over time.


Does Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector work?

Yes, Scotchgard works well, too, by creating a barrier against spills and dirt. But remember, each product has its own unique strengths; compare to find what suits you best.


How do I protect my rug?

Use quality protectors like Fiber ProTector or Scotchgard regularly to safeguard your rugs. Regular vacuuming also helps maintain cleanliness, while professional cleaning should be done annually.


Fiber ProTector is more than just a carpet, upholstery and rug protector. It's your magic shield against stains and wear.

It stands up to the challenges of various industries – from hospitality to transport. Its security criteria are of the highest calibre.

The science behind it? Simple yet ingenious. An invisible barrier around fibres keeps colours' vibrant appearance intact.

Longevity isn't an issue with Fiber ProTector; less maintenance costs and time-tested effectiveness make sure of that!

Beyond cleanliness, this treatment promotes healthier indoor environments by reducing dust attraction while offering antibacterial benefits too.

Sustainability is also at its heart - approved for environmental safety while promoting sustainable practices in fabric care through reduced cleaning needs and extended fabric lifecycles.

With all these advantages under one umbrella – who wouldn’t want such a reliable ally in their corner?



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