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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Machine Maintenance and Cleaning - Keeping your Machine in Top Shape

Machine Maintenance and Cleaning - Keeping your Machine in Top Shape

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your machines is essential for any business. It is shown from many of the machines we have coming in for their regular service or repair that this seems to be the main reason for them not performing to their true potential.

The Pallmann range of floor sanding machinery are well-engineered machines. But like all machines, if they are kept clean, maintained, and looked after they will look after you.

Here is a guide to the regular cleaning of your machines and what to look out for. Please be mindful that not all maintenance on these machines is straightforward and can be complex. If you are in doubt our team is on hand for advice and support. Alternatively, we can arrange a service or repair.

sanding machine   sander


Let’s start with the Pallmann Cobra belt sander. The two main parts of the machine that contact the floor are the drum and the tires.


If the tires on the machine have a build-up of dust and dirt this can stop the machine from moving parallel over the floor you are working on. How to clean? The easiest and quickest way to clean the tires on the machine would be with a soft bristle nylon brush. Best to use adaptors that can be connected to a cordless drill for the best effectiveness. Try not to go for a course brush as this will damage or wear the rubber on the wheel causing you to potentially replace them.

The Drum

Most of the issues that come with the drum are staples and nails getting caught and embedded in the drum. This can damage abrasive belts and even floors. The best way to remove these would be with some long nose pliers and an eagle eye to spot any that are buried in the drum or carefully run your hand over the drum. Once these have been removed depending on the state of the drum this may need to be dressed. For more information on how to dress the drum check in with the team.

The tensioner and roller. This is a key part of the Cobra. Over time these parts do build up with dirt and dust. The tensioner should be able to freely move up and down with a single hand. If there seems to be resistance, there is too much dust clogging up the tensioner. How to clean? the best thing to do would be to remove it to be cleaned with a wire brush and refitted. This part of the machine can be fiddley. The tension roller should also be clean from dust and debris. A simple wipe down with a cloth is acceptable. Solvents can be used to remove any tough debris. if you are ever not sure it is best to check with one of our team or The Pallmann reps.

The Pallmann spider

Make sure all weights and triple plate are kept off the machine and the triple plate is placed with the pads facing up. Here are the main parts of the spider to keep maintained. 

The Triple plate

A thorough clean and vacuum is needed regularly as any dust that is left on the chain or sprockets can clog very easily, creating solid clumps and causing major problems for the future. Exhaust Pads, Shim pads and support pads can wear on the triple plate. These should be replaced in sets of three on the plate. Otherwise, the machine won’t be consistent when sanding and will be difficult to control.

The handle

One spare to keep on the van when it comes to the spider is the trigger Clip. Over time the clip that sits inside the handle and allows the triggers to operate when the central button is pushed can wear. These spare clips can be found on our website here.

Overall Machines

To the Client the last thing they want to see is you walking in with a beat-up machine covered in dust and grime from the previous job. In this industry presentation is key. It is always advised that after every job the machines are blown down with an air compressor inside and out stopping build up inside the machine. Any cosmetic marks are usually able to be removed with some white spirit and elbow grease.

We are here to help!

Above are some basics to maintaining and cleaning your machines, but we are here to help. If you find yourself stuck with any issue with a machine or want to have it checked over you can contact us here. Our team are knowledgeable and willing. Click here to find out more about the repair services we offer.

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