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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Flooring Renovation with Diamabrush Vinyl + lino renovation Tools

Flooring Renovation with Diamabrush Vinyl + lino renovation Tools

We work closely with our distribution partners to bring you the Polymer tooling for Vinyl and linoleum preparation for coating, We are excited to introduce you to 2 polymer tools by Diamabrush: The Diamabrush Lino Grinding tool, the Polymer Tool 50 Grit and the Polymer Tool 200 Grit. These tools are designed to tackle various floor polish, waxes, and coating challenges, making your renovation projects more efficient and effective. Let's explore the features and benefits of each tool.


Diamabrush Lino Grinding Tool

The Lino grinding tool is the first step of the process for extremely dirty floors and a heavy build-up of dirt, coatings, and wax. This tool is to come out of the toolbox in the extreme cases that the polymer 50-grit tool does not cut or remove it. Unlike the other tooling from this system, the lino grinding tool should be used dry, so you are able to see, feel and hear the contact with the floor. Stripping down build-up to original linoleum. For the recoating, this will be followed by the 50 grit and the 200 grit.


Diamabrush Polymer Tool 50 Grit


The Polymer Tool 50 Grit is a deep-strip tool that replaces traditional stripper pads. It offers unparalleled performance as unlike pads, these tools do not clogg. The blade-material is harder than the built-up it attacks, so this tool is built to last. When using the Polymer Tool 50 Grit, water should be used to minimize dust and tool wear. This versatile tool is a massive time saver, capable of covering approximately 100 m2, such as a classroom, in just half a day. It efficiently removes layers of old coatings and prepares the surface for re-coating, leaving it ready for the next steps of the renovation process. Typically, even transparent coatings can be applied on the scratch pattern of the Polymer 50.


Diamabrush Polymer Tool 200 Grit


The Polymer Tool 200 Grit is a top-strip tool that clears scratches left from the previous steps. It complements the work of the 50 Grit tool, preparing the surface for the final stages of the renovation. Like its counterpart, the Polymer Tool 200 Grit offers outstanding durability . By running this tool with water, you can achieve a perfect surface for re-coating, bringing out the best in your flooring.


Diamabrush Polymer Tools: A Game-Changer


Diamabrush polymer tools are equipped with flexible blades that maintain constant contact with the floor, maximizing their effectiveness. The continuous exposure of new diamond particles ensures the tools retain sharp edges throughout their lifespan. This innovative design makes polishing, stripping, removing, preparing and maintaining concrete, lino and vinyl floors easier than ever before


One of the standout features of these polymer tools is their replaceable blades. Each tool is designed with removable, slotted retainers, allowing you to replace individual blades instead of the entire tool. This feature enhances the tools' longevity and minimizes downtime during renovation projects.

The Polymer Tool 50 Grit and the Polymer Tool 200 Grit are suitable for a range of floor renovation tasks. They are designed to work efficiently with standard machines weighing around 40- 55kg and regular speeds between 140- 220 rpm,

Here at Ultimate Floor Care, we are always on the lookout for new tooling and system that helps you as the contractor and the floor by not flooring it with chemicals. This polymer system is a chemical-free, pad-saving, time-effective method for restoring lino and vinyl.

With the addition of Diamabrush Polymer Tools to your floor renovation toolkit, you'll experience unparalleled efficiency and remarkable results. From deep stripping to surface preparation, these tools are designed to bring out the best in your floors. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your flooring renovation projects with Diamabrush Polymer Tools.


Please note that the information in this blog is based on the details provided as of today's date, 2023-07-28. For more information or to purchase Diamabrush Polymer Tools, please refer to the provided URLs. Or contact us directly.


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