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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise

Do You Really See Your Floor? (As others See It)

The floor represents one of the biggest and most expensive surfaces in your premises and of course is the most prone to getting dirty and damaged, but be honest, when did you really look at it? As the owner or manager of a commercial building you walk over that floor every day, but are you really seeing it as others see it? Tell you what, pretend to be a bride to be for a minute (no need to put on a big white dress or anything) and just look at your floors with fresh eyes. Look first at your reception area, is it really creating that all-important, amazing first impression? Check out the staircases and most importantly, the bar area, these can both take a real battering and whilst you may not have noticed their condition, potential customers will. If your building is a dark one (let’s say atmospheric) turn the lights up to get a true indication of the floors condition because whilst the dark may hide a host of sins, do you really want a dirty, damaged premises?

So now you have looked at your floor with fresh eyes and perhaps seen what others see, but you have a lot to do and floor care is expensive and intrusive isn’t it?

For most commercial businesses this is one of the quietest periods of the year, the madness of the festive period is over, and everyone is fully recovered from their own excesses and looking forward to the arrival of spring and those longer evenings. With the cash in the bank from Christmas and New Years celebrations and potential clients looking for venues for parties, weddings, social nights etc. what better time is there going to be to do that all-important revamp? If you don’t do it now, when will you do it? Can your business sustain another year with those “less than pristine” floors?

Flooring is no different to any other aspect of a building, regular maintenance is both cheaper in the long run and keeps your premises looking good all the time. With particular regard to wooden flooring (it is after all what we do), there are now many more options that are both sustainable from an environmental point of view and yet maintainable so both cheaper in the long run and help keep your floors looking good. The shift in the last few years away from lacquers towards oils (two packs are best) and hard wax oils is evidence that our clients are beginning to understand why this is beneficial to them and the planet as a whole. Work can often be carried out overnight meaning less downtime for your business and in fact modern two pack oils can help facilitate this with their rapid drying and short curing times.

Don’t lose out on business because you have shabby flooring, contact your local professional now (there will never be a better time) and ask them about not only restoring your tired flooring but how to maintain and keep it looking good all the time.

One last point, when choosing a contractor look for one that has knowledge on the subject, they should know what the floor type is (wood species, type of carpet, type of stone etc,) they should know the best way to clean it/sand it/grind it and know the best options to seal it/protect it/maintain it. You rarely get this level of expertise from the cheapest in any industry.

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