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Before we get into this amazing product and what this can offer in terms of the effect on wooden flooring, I’m going to go through the basic reasons for using a primer on wooden flooring. These are five main reasons, but there are many other advantages.

- Reduces side bonding. When using a primer will reduce the likelihood of side bonding. This occurs mostly in the use of water Bourne topical finishes where the 2-part lacquers, when dried, can get between floorboards and act as glue. Primers give the barrier coating to prevent these from acting like glue when the wood is expanding and contracting.


- Barrier. A primer forms a barrier between what finish you are applying and the wooden floor. This prevents any contaminants or resins in the wood from reacting with the lacquer offering great protection and the look of lacquer without blemishes coming through. 


- Cost-effective. Applying three coats of finish, just like what all manufacturers advise when lacquering a floor, is always the best way to go. Other reasons mentioned in this blog are key reasons that a primer is required. Cost does always come into play, as applying three coats of lacquer is more expensive than applying one primer and two lacquer.


- Chemical Bonding. A primer acts as the chemical bonding agent for the topical lacquer coat to adhere completely to the floor. When applying the second coat of lacquer, a mechanical bond is created by de-nibing the first coat with a high-grit multi-hole abrasive, allowing the 2 to combine together. With the first coat of lacquer, you are relying on the chemical bonding of the lacquer to the primer.


- Colour enhancement. The enrichment of the colour of the wooden floor is mostly down the primer that is applied underneath the lacquer. Enhancing the natural wooden look of floor darkening or lightening, there are products on the market that allow the change of this. This brings me to this product that we are talking about today.

Pallmann Pall-X 330 wooden floor primer. Available in white or Pure from us here at Ultimate Floor Care you can change the colour effect of the wood. This primer works brilliantly with either Pallmann Pall-X Pure  or Pallmann Pall-X Zero  . It can be used with others but for instance, if you are applying a Pallmann Pall-X Pure finish on an Oak floor, you would be looking for the pure unfinished, freshly sanded look anyway, so a 330 pure primer would be the best way to go. 

To tone down the dark tones of a pine floor, the 330 White look great. It can be used on other types of wooden floors, but from experience, it was amazing on pine if the client is looking for a lighter floor. Now, this white will not completely change the floor white! What it will do is whitewash the floor. With its white pigment, it reacts with the wood not allowing those darker characteristics to come through. With the Pallmann Pall-X 330 white, you are able to apply more than one coat to enhance the white effect to the floor. If this does not look white (light) enough up to your or your client’s expectations that more can be applied.

When you are applying this product to the floor because of the pigment in this primer, you will need to use the Special application roller sleeve. 8mm pile length. However, it is a water-based product it needs to be applied thinner than your usual classic primers. What a great product that can be used in an array of different flooring. If you would like to buy this product, click the link below.

Colour Enhancing wood floor primer Pallmann Pall-X 330  

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