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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Cleaning and Maintaining your Wooden floor with Pallmann Products

Cleaning and Maintaining your Wooden floor with Pallmann Products

When it comes to sanding and finishing a wooden floor, it doesn't stop after the finish is applied. Whether you use lacquer or oil, it is all about educating clients on how to care for and maintain their floor to ensure it lives a long life, protects the floor, and looks as impressive as it was when it was new. 

Here is a breakdown of the products that are available for aftercare and general cleaning and will cover: 

  1. Products for a lacquered wood floor.
  2. Products for an oiled wood floor.
  3. Links to our complete Care and Maintenance guides.

So, without a further ado:

  1. Products for a Lacquered floor are:


For the routine cleaning of a finished wooden floor, Pallmann Offers a neutral Clean. It is a PH-neutral cleaner because most supermarket floor cleaners are either too acidic or alkaline, which leads to the breaking down the finish on the floor. That is where this product is neutral, not to affect the finish and clean the top. Check out this link for more information.

How often should this be done? - Depending on how dirty the floor is and how clean the floor needs to be.

  • Clean and Go 

It is the spot and stain remover of the wood floor market. Supplied with an already diluted spray bottle of clean and a microfiber cloth mop, this product is for use on recent spills or soils, stopping the need to clean the wooden floor as much. 

How often should this be cleaned? - As and when spillage and soil are present as soon as possible from when it happened.

  • Clean Strong

Clean Strong is more suitable to tackle the more robust soiled floors. Where there is no proper regular clean, it is generally used in commercial floorings such as bars, restaurants and high foot traffic floors with constant spills and marks. 

How often should this be done? - Depending on the use of the floor, Pallmann Recommend Moderately used areas every 12 months (without public traffic like living- and bedrooms), Medium used areas every 6 months (like stairs, office rooms and corridors)

  • Finish care

This product is on the market as additional protection to bring the floor finish and look back to life. It gives your floor an extra layer of protection. It improves the finish's appearance, extending the flooring's wear life. You can apply as soon as the finish that you have put down is dry. This specific product is to be used on Lacquered floors. 

How often should this be done - Moderately used areas (in domestic areas such as lining rooms and bedrooms) approx. every 2 months Medium used areas (like stairs, offices, and corridors) approx. every 4 weeks

  • Finish Care Stop

This product has the same benefits as the finish care with the additional feature of having slip resistance properties giving this product a great place in the commercial market such as sports halls, schools, and public buildings. 

How often should this be used? – As above (finish care)

  1. Products for an oiled wood floor.
  • Clean

This product is a Water-based cleaning agent for sealed and oiled wood and cork floors. Also suitable for PVC, linoleum, and natural and artificial stone floors.

How often should this be? - The maintenance cleaning depends on the degree of soiling and the desired hygiene.

  • Eco Oil Care

Care emulsion for eco oil-treated wood floors.

This product is a Water-based care emulsion for initial and maintenance care on oiled wood floors, treated with ECO OIL 1K. Also suitable for layer-forming wood floor oils.

How often should this be used? - Moderately used areas (without public traffic like living- and bedrooms) approx. every 2 months

  • Magic oil care 

Like finish care, this product offers maintenance protection. It works by topping up the protection level already provided by the Pallmann magic oil that has already been applied. Refreshing and maintaining magic oiled floors Note. Before this product is used, we advise the floor is cleaned with Neutral Clean.

How often should this be? – This should only need doing after you have sanded, so not all the time. 

  • Maintenance Oil

This product is a natural combination of oil wax with natural soybean oil for the care of wood floors. You use this product after your oiled floor is topped with more magic oil. 

We advise that this is done by a skilled floor sanding contractor as a great deal of sanding will be involved while carrying out the process of topping up the oil.

How often should this be done? – Generally, when the floor is getting dull. 

  1. Below are links to our Cleaning and Maintenance products.

At Ultimate floor care, we are so passionate about your wood floor that we believe the best way forward is to ensure a great deal of teaching and training goes into the sanding and finishing of all our products and methods. 

We do this by ensuring that not only are our contractors trained and up to date on everything, but we educate our customers as we go too.

All links added above will take you to all our care guides for your new floor journey with Pallmann, one you won't regret.  

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