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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Bostik Spray Cork

Bostik Spray Cork

As we all know… a floor combined with another needs the expansion joint, and filling it needs to be a material that will be resistant to stretching and compression. Due to changes in humidity and temperature, the floors working with each other may slightly increase and decrease their linear dimensions. Therefore, preparing a 5-10mm wide gap would be a good idea… this will help reduce the stress between the surfaces of the floor. 

To fix this problem, we have found that the Bostik Spray Cork is a perfect solution. It makes up for the work of the floor in certain places where you may find deformation and warping the surface. 

Getting up close with the cork:

You find cork on the outer bark of a cork oak tree. These trees usually grow in the Mediterranean area. “Did you know: Spain and Portugal are the leading suppliers of this fabulous product!” 

As rainfall is low and bushfires are common, the cork oak tree evolved and now has a remarkable protective layer of bark… It is this bark that professionals harvest the cork that is needed to make Cork spray!

The cork is impressive, and its cells look like a honeycomb with pockets trapping the air.  


Did you know – it’s Eco – Friendly?

Yes, cork is eco-friendly because the tree is not harmed during the harvest… harvesting this tree helps them to live longer! 

Cork oak trees yield approximately 15 harvests in their life… spaced out about nine years apart. 

Homeowners in Europe and U.S. have been making the most of using these products as they are sourced from decently managed forests. The cork is also quite impressive with its layered pockets that trap air. 

What it will look like:

While protecting your property is a high priority, everyone wants it to look good while doing its job. Spray cork is an unusually aesthetically pleasing product choice.  

Where and when you can use it:

  • It is used to fill the expansion joints in wooden floors… where the wood movement is needed, so this corking is perfect.  
  • Connection gaps between different types of flooring… for example, Wood flooring to tiles.
  • Use to repair where old cork filler has deteriorated over time or has worn down.
  • You can use on Parquet flooring.
  • To help with acoustic and thermal insulation.

How to use it?

You pump the cork filler into the gap you want to fill… They recommend that you overfill and level with a scraper. 

As this product is solvent-based, drying time is fast, within 2 – 4 hours before the top can be sanded before it is finished. For a full cure, the time required is 24 hours. You then take away the excess with a sharp blade or sand it down once it is dried.

Check out this YouTube showing how to use it effectively: 


How far this tube will go:

The size of these tubes is 500ml which is enough to fill a joint with a volume of 500cm3. To work out the volume of the gap, you need to fill the formulation as thickness x depth x length = volume. 

Where can you buy it?

You can buy the cork and everything you need by clicking on the links below. 

Bostik Cork Spray Filler Ultimate floor Care

 Gun Ultimate floor crae

Nozzle for spray gun ultimate floor care

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