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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Bona Craft Oil 2K – Adding charm to your wood floor!

Bona Craft Oil 2K – Adding charm to your wood floor!

Are you looking at protecting that newly installed wood floor? Then the Bona Craft Oil 2K could help you to bring that gorgeous charm out in your wood floor! 

Every homeowner wants their new wood floor to look perfect… and wants that look to last. I mean, who doesn't? These investments aren't small, so the most important thing is that they last!

Wood floors are one of the more durable options for your home, but protecting it is still very important, or you will end up with a worn-looking floor very quickly. There are many types of damage your wood floor could face:

  • Foot traffic – due to this type of traffic, you get a section that starts to look worn and more faded than the rest of the floor.
  • Pets – Pet's claws can sadly leave many scratches while running around playing.
  • Furniture – the smallest of movements scratch the floor. Without pads on the feet, this happens all the time.
  • Staining – food, drinks, and pet urine can cause staining, which can be irreversible. If you have children or pets, this can happen often!
  • Water damage – this type of damage is extremely common and one of the main damages we see on wood floors.

The above are just a few damages that are why you must protect your wood floor.

So, can Bona Craft Oil 2K help with beauty and performance… yes, it can. Bona specially formulated this product to produce a hard-wearing oil so you can combine the beauty of an oiled floor but still be durable. 

Bona Craft Oil 2K has specially formulated this product to protect your wood floor. Let's learn more:

1. How they made Bona Craft Oil 2K: They made Bona Craft Oil 2K from vegetable oils modified after they added a hardener to create a chemical reaction and produce greater durability and a quicker drying product. 

2. What Types of wood can I use Bona Craft Oil 2K:

The 2K oil is perfect for a wide range of wood species:

  • Smoked Oak
  • Steamed Beech
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
3. What type of traffic can this product take:

This product on its own is perfect for medium levels of traffic.

4. Can you make it even more durable for High Traffic areas:

You can use this oil on its own for high performance and quick drying, or pair it up with lacquer from the Bona Traffic Family and make it even more durable! You can see the use of the oil and lacquers in restaurants and other busy public spaces.

5. Can you get this product in different colours?

Bona Craft Oil 2K does come in a variety of colours… we sell the two most popular ones in 2 sizes:

  • Neutral (neutral/clear) 1.25ltr
  • Neutral (neutral/clear) 400ml
  • Frost (White) 1.25ltr
  • Frost (White) 400ml

Key Benefits to this product:

  • Fast drying.
  • Long open time and long pot life.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • A high degree of saturation.
  • Uniform colouration.
  • Compatible with Traffic, Traffic HD and Traffic Natural.
  • Very low solvent content.
  • Easy repair and blending.
  • Good resistance to water and chemicals.
  • Complies with EN 71-3 for application on children's toys. 

Would you like to know more about Bona Craft Oil 2K?... please click on the image below:

 Bona Craft Oil 2K Ultimate Floor Care

To order yours now, Click below:

Ultimate floor Care

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