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Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise
Applying wood floor oil - Buffing alternative to Trowelling.

Applying wood floor oil - Buffing alternative to Trowelling.

The flooring industry is full of layers, Sanders, sealers and cleaners who hold great pride in the work they carry out in this industry and are always out to help and give advice to others. Here at Ultimate Floor Care, we take pride in being a part of this industry and would like to help by offering you an alternative solution to applying wood floor oil to freshly sanded floors. Of course, every manufacturer has their own processes and system, but this is another system to help save money on pads and the time it takes to apply. This process has been tested and used in many applications and by many contractors. So here is a process for applying oil. It's a great way to save money on commercial jobs. For this, we are going to need the following. 


Step one. You need to get the oil on the floor and spread it around enough so it can make its way into the fibres of the timber. With a red pad, remove the middle of the pad and pour the oil in (Enough to fill the gap in the pad). If your pads don't have a middle that pops out like the Ultimate Floor Pads, pour the oil on the floor and place the pad on top. Now you have the middle out, so keep hold of it. You will need this to oil the edges and corners that the machine can't get to. Start up your machine and move this in a sequence across the floor, starting at the furthest point of entry into the room, moving left to right. You will find yourself having to top up the oil in the pad depending on the size of the floor you have. Continue this across the floor until you have covered the floor, leaving a slight amount of excess. Leave for around 15 – 20 mins. Don't forget to do the corners and the edges using the middle of the pad. 


Step Two. You now have the floor covered in oil. In the next step, using a green pad on your buffing machine, go across the whole oiled floor. This will remove excess oil from the floor as well as evenly distributing oil across the floor. Topping up oil in places that may not have as much as others and removing oil from other parts that may have too much. When using the Green pad, you may find that it is removing a lot and building up on the pad. I would recommend stacking 2 pads under your machine so you can flip over the bottom pad and use the fresh side without getting the oiled side on the drive board of your machine. Do the same for the edges and corners by hand.  


Step Three. The next step in the process will now need the white pad. It is designed to buff up the floor to the Satin Matt finish required. Always do the same with the edges and corners to keep that uniform look across the floor. Sometimes you may find that you have a little of the oil on the pad after you have used it and think the job is done. Don't panic! Some wooden floors will bleed back slightly and have a little surface oil left. The more you buff with the white pad, the more sheen you will give the finish in the room. I would always go for at least 2 passes with the white pad to make the floor a lovely satin matt finished floor.  

Finally, This is not crucial, but use a waffle cloth wrapped around the white pad as your final pass to give it a shine to the floor and make sure every part of the oil has been lifted off the surface. From most manufacturers, especially the leading brand, 90% of the oil content is absorbed into the fibres of the wood, and the other 10% creates topical protection. (Another Blog for another time). Quick Tip. When you finally finished, and you have buffed your way out of the room, always use the cloth to clean up any excess left behind on the floor when you lift up the pad. This can leave oil on the floor in a buffing pad shape. Doe needs to be removed, or you will be going back to rectify it! 


I hope that all the above helps and saves you time and money. Happy Sanding and Sealing.  

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